About Barefootlist

Welcome to Barefootlist.com. You are about to embark on making your life a Grand Adventure. Barefootlist.com is for those who want to make, a 'Before I Die' list. Where do you want to travel, what adventures do you seek, what experiences do you want, what are your goals? Where will your list take you?

Use Barefootlist to:
  • Post your 'Before I Die list
  • Make a public commitment
  • Read other's 'Before I Die' lists
  • Form Groups with other people to do things in common on your lists
  • Find Resources to help you check off items on your list.

No Regrets!

Writing a list of things you want to do before you die is a way to really examine your life. Give yourself some time to do this, but make sure you also give yourself a deadline of posting the first list. Once you compile your first list, remember that the list will change. You can add to the list or you can change your mind and subtract things. Best of all, you can check things off your list when completed!

No Regrets! Are you doing what you want to do? Are you traveling where you want to go? Are you experiencing what you want to experience? Are you becoming the type of person you want to be?

"This is your life. This is your only life. This is not a dress rehearsal. This is your life."

University Study Reveals: Experiences of More Value Than Things

A study published in the December 2003 Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reports that the most valued, cherished and remembered gifts are not material things such as clothes and jewelry, but experiences such as concerts and travel. "Individuals will live happier lives if they invest in experiences more than material possessions," said the report by researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder and Cornell University.

Getting Started

Thinking of life goals is sometimes easier if you divide it into categories. Barefootlist has used the following categories (and multiple sub-categories):

Festival/Events Romance 

Using the Barefootlist Master List, check the ones you want to add to your own list. Be inspired. Share dreams. Remember this is your life, so choose what you truly want to do. Don't choose for the wrong reasons. The wrong reasons could include, trying to impress someone else, being pushed into choosing something, thinking you 'should do it, or doing something because you feel it is expected of you. No Regrets!

Don't worry whether you could accomplish it right away. You have your whole life. Dreams on your list can be simple or an enormous undertaking. They can be expensive or free. Don't eliminate something because you don't think youll ever be able to do it. Who knows? If you have the desire to do it, put it on your list.

No Regrets!

If you have achieved a Dream, add journal comments or photos. Barefootlist is the one place to store all your 'Before I Die list information.

Once you publicly commit in writing and post your list, you are more likely to focus on doing those things. A membership is a great incentive and demonstrates that you are really serious. Study the information given. Knowledge is power. Do searches and connect with others who are committed to do (or have done) the dreams on their list, or go to Resources and get help in making your dreams a reality. Don't look for excuses why something cannot be done. Examine your life now. Are you spending time and money on activities you really care about?